It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Friday, April 15, 2011

What happened??

to the beautiful weather we have been having all week?  Today it is windy, in the 40s and with 100% chance of rain.  YUCK!!

I did enjoy this week though.  I was busy each day.  A couple of days ago I even took a bucket of soapy water out and hand washed my car.  I carried cold water to rinse it from the faucet around front to the back where I park my car.  This all took me about an hour and half of labor but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Made for a great workout.

I am not doing much today.  Yesterday I was busy hopping around all over town.  Something about the grocery stores that draw me like a magnet.  I love shopping at Kroger.  It is a big store and I am one of their best customers.  Smile

Speaking of food, the local churches here pass out food to the needy, some once a week, some once a month.  One of the churches is a Baptist Church which I pass each time I go to my daughter’s house.  They pass out food each Thursday morning beginning at 9 AM.  I have noticed as I am driving by there each time that the parking lot is full of lots of cars and trucks, many of them new.  ??????  Do you think that some people take advantage of food banks?  I do know that at one church one of the volunteers had food thrown back at her saying that they didn’t like what was being given to them.   Just saying??

I had to stop for a minute and call maintenance.  My furnace was running and the carbon monoxide beeper started blaring away like crazy.  The guys from maintenance were here in 5 minutes.  The carbon monoxide level was zero and all it needed was a new battery.  There are some things about being a renter that are good and some things that are bad.

Well, I guess I had better close this off as I see company coming to my door.  I hope you all have a peaceful weekend.  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Extreme weather. I have goosebumps on top of my sunburn. That ain't right l-/

  2. Hope you have fun with your company very blustery here and least no rain yet. True never know what is coming next. I have washed a car that way long ago but going to the car was was easier. The srpay hose did a nice job on the undercarriage where it was really needed. I am getting my workout every day lugging boxes ;-)

  3. That is horrible about the food bank. Can they not have some standard I wonder? Best not to pass it pout to just any and everyone. That deprives the ones who really need it. I'm amazed they just parcel it out will nilly with no idea of who is in need. There are ways.

    I had that wonderful weather too and like is drizzly and soon to be thunderstorms too, and chilly. Oh well, it's April. Hopefully no nay sayer will be looking at yours and my blogs. :-)


  4. We've been having sunshine for the most part Beth, which enabled Bess to be outside and I feel sure the soaking up of the suns rays helped her enormously. Sorry to read your weathers been playing you up, I'll try and send some of our sunny spells if I can. ;-)
    Many thanks for your loving prayers and good wishes my friend, very much appreciated. Bess is still on steroids which means she has to be watched constantly for any side effects, but the easing of her pain is worth every moment of worry. Hugs to you ...x Pen and Bess x

  5. Those going to a food bank should just be grateful there is food to give them? It's disgusting the way some people behave.

    Cold and wet here today. Darn weather.

    Will keep the prayers for Bess coming.

  6. Beth, I have to tell you, we had snow today! Seriously! As I type this, it is a chilly 0°C or close to 32°F. I thought for sure that Spring had come.. wishful thinking for southern Manitoba, Canada!
    Yes, I do think that there are people who take advantage of food banks and many other charitable organizations. It's very unfortunate. Very selfish!

  7. Our weather sucks too...I can't say that your misery gives me company in is time for us to all have some wonderful weather. We had some friends with trouble like that with their furnace...I've not heard yet what they did about it...I'm glad your situation wasn't so serious! Have a blessed weekend my friend.

  8. I am sick of the weather too. Rain every day lately. I hope it gets sunny soon. Have a nice weekend Beth!

  9. I get sick of our weather in past for six month
    much too much rainy...what can I do nothing....
    but tomorrow we have sunny day that for the weather forecast but not many days.
    By the way you are doing well and still enjoy your shopping that is a good things Beth.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  10. Yes Beth it's the same here quite chilly today no sun for a week. Those people should be ashamed of themselves taking advantage like that. There are folk out there that genuine'ly need the food. I wash my car and I would agree with you it is very good for a work out , or the nearest thing. Enjoy your company hugs Sheila x.

  11. Remember Beth - "April showers brings May flowers" and old man winter is just not ready to give up - as much as most of us would like him to do.
    Food banks and those who abuse them - we know that there are folks who do just that and act totally ungreatful as well - and come judgment day - we can only hope they get what is due.
    Enjoy your company and weekend.

  12. I guess some people just don't appreciate anything that is given to them. It's a shame. Glad you got out anyway and went shopping. Not too many "new" cars or trucks around here lately---everyone (us included) has to drive their vehicles until they drop. Cloudy here yesterday, but today is beginning with bright sunny skies. Enjoy the spring!

  13. Hi Beth
    throwing food back to the volunteers//My God
    this is strange.
    But anyway its a good thing that the churches do that.Seems more and more ppl need to go there.
    Make me think. .Whats going on in the world.
    More poor and the richer will be richer.
    Come here We have spring temp now..its 17 c
    with love

  14. I know what you mean about the weather. I would like just Two days in a row of nice weather...seems like we get one great day and then right back to days of clouds, cold and drizzle agh! I don't know what to say about the food banks. Makes me kind of sad to think people might be taking advantage. But, we can't let that keep us from helping. Evil would love for us to stop the love. Hope you get warm sunny weather soon! Blessings, Joanne

  15. Thank goodness you have a carbon monoxide beeper , that had to scary Beth. Your such a busy lady. First time I saw a Kroger was in a state I was in and had to be Hawaii. We have fresh snow . I cant wait for spring.

  16. My Dad loved Peggy Lee. She has a nice voice.

  17. Hi Beth, just calling round to say thank you for your wonderful support and wishes. Bess and I are sitting in sunshine, now and again a ball is thrown and she catches it with a tail wag of thanks. Now that seems like heaven to me.. :-)
    take care my wonderful friend, and I hope your week is a good one. x Pen and Her Maj. x

    I've moved to a new blog.

  19. Next to a smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide detector may be the most important item you could have in your home (besides a phone for you Ladies and a remote for us men). Without the aid of a detector, it would be virtually impossible to know if carbon monoxide at dangerous levels was present in your home. Your local Fire Service can attest to that!! many medical assist calls are received by residents feeling shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, chest pain, fatigue and so on. These were the fortune ones that were able to make the call before it was too late.
    Very happy to hear that you CO detector got checked!

  20. Don't know who's getting all the nice weather, cause it's left New Zealand, We are suppose to be heading for winter and the spring bulbs are confused and have started to show... What next they ask...
    Have a lovely day
    Hugs Lady J


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