It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not for another 6 months…

Whew, I am glad that is over, my 6 month cleaning and checkup at the dentist.  I really hate going to the dentist.  My mouth always hurts for a week afterwards.

You all know I love to people watch.  When Jim was in the hospital I helped to entertain myself and Jim by watching people and creating a scenario for them.
My appointment this morning was at 8 AM and the office was full already.  One couple (probably mid 80s came in and sat down.  Her name was Mary.  She had on tan slacks, a coral colored sweater and beige what I call old lady shoes and red dyed hair just a shade lighter than I Love Lucy.  As stated before, I hate going to the dentist.  I was sitting across from Mary and her husband.  He asked her if she had finished making the spinach balls last night.  She told him no, as her shoulder was hurting (having arthritis in my shoulders so bad I could relate to that.}  Then he asked if she stayed warm in bed last night.  She muttered something and he said what?  Then very loudly she said I already told you.  By now I was smiling and my mind wasn’t thinking about Melinda (hygienist's name) poking her hands in my mouth.

Speaking of Melinda, I had told her before that her name was very old.  My grandmother’s name was Nancy Melinda.  If I had been conscious after my daughter was born I would have named her Melinda instead of Marcia as I think Melinda is a beautiful name.  Jim actually named our daughter as I was pretty sick with toxemia after my daughter’s birth.  To this day I have always thought Marcia was named after one of Jim’s old girl friends.  LOL!!

And now back to the old couple.  They were so cute together and it made me miss Jim so much as he was so good to go to doctor visits with me.  One thing puzzles me though, what in the world are spinach balls??

After my appointment I went to Aldi’s and then out to the grand opening of a new bank in town to see if I wanted to put some of my vast fortune in their bank. HA!!!!  They are very nice!

I hope you all have a  good day.  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Melinda is a beautiful name. Now Jim wouldn't do that, would he? LOL

    Dentists and their teeth scrappers are not my favorite people either.

    It's getting so your almost afraid to trust any bank anymore. I don't as a matter of fact, all my money and deals are with a credit union.

  2. I'm not a fan of going to the dentist either, but my brother-in-law is my dentist, so that helps. Plus, I love his hygienist. All in all, this helps to make the experience one that is not traumatic.

    I can imagine how hard it is to see couple together after the loss of a spouse. I think that comfortable companionship must be a gift that is hard to replace. I'm sending loving thoughts your way.

  3. My granbaby is Miranda. Love the old fashioned names. I have no idea what spinach balls are. They must wrap up something and steam it eh? Glad you didn't spread your wealth to all the banks. It keeps the mattress at ah good sleep number....LOL!

  4. I dertest teeth cleaning. OW and ow and OW! They are never sympathetic either.

    I like that name too. But I also like Marcia. :-)

    Twin, it's cold, damp and cloudy here. How's by you?

  5. Blessings....
    We have two things in common, people watching and hating the dentists.

    congrats for passing....enjoy the next 6 months.
    I am due for a visit, not looking forward to it because i have a __________ which will remain nameles. I am sure you know

  6. HI there Beth,
    OOOoo Dentists are not my chosen way of spending time, but what has to be done must be endured, even if I want to grit my teeth!! (doesn't help the dentist either) And filling your mind with thoughts on people around you is one way of coping, I like Melinda as a name, and was just trying it our aloud whilst sitting here, then for some reason, went to Belinda and then Cressida, I quite like the sound of Cressida, sounds like a heroine in a film or book. Hmm, how'd I get onto this train of thought? :-)... Have a great day my lovely friend. xPenx

  7. Oh dentists no I don't either Beth , having said that I made an appt yesterday for the Hygienist, but have to wait till the 17th June phew oh well. Enjoy your week Beth , I loved your story on the old couple to so sweet. Hugs Sheila xx

  8. Nobody liks the dintists? I spent a lot of money
    and more in future? hopefully not:-)
    Evrytime I visit my dentists and when everythig is okay after that I celebrated myself at my favorites restaurnt LOL!

    The child name: In Japan we past from family name and some people's wish their thought mines
    MICHIKO means " A beautiful and smart child"
    a too much for that my parents has wish for me LOL!
    Enjoy your day.

  9. Im with you Beth, i so hate going,the smell drive me mad and make me feel so ill
    Hope you have a good day
    Take care

  10. I just had some dental work done a couple of weeks ago. I do pretty good at the dentist but not so good when I have to visit my doctor :-(

    BTW, I like your background music this morning :-)

  11. My ex used to call dentists Tooth Mechanics, it puts a whole new slant on them and certainly doesn't help to make them likable.
    Interesting post Beth. Hugs Arlene

  12. This was such a nice refreshing post. I like watching people too. Even listening in to their conversations. I like to watch how woman move and talk and giggle. Sometimes it's like poetry in motion. People certainly can be interesting and some just leave me shaking my head.

    I think Melinda is a wonderful name, so is Marcia. My daughter's name is Steph, short for Stephanie. If you scramble the letters around minus the 'p' you will have Seth. Yup, the screaming bundle of terror with lungs was named after me. :)


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