It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dreary rainy day…

but I brightened it up by cooking some fresh green beans with new potatoes, onion and ham.  I also fixed cornbread to go with it.  Yummy!!  Then I proceeded to sit down and eat a big bowl of it.  This is the only way I like green beans.  The canned green beans are awful I think, no matter how you doctor them up with bacon, onion, etc.  But then I am not much of a vegetable eater, except for green lima beans which I love.

This brought back memories of when Jim and I had our garden and we would grow green beans,  peas, tomatoes, etc.  Speaking of gardens, did you notice the tomato plant that rambling on has?  It is gorgeous with big tomatoes on it already.  I have been pining so and missing my garden so much.  Yesterday I was looking at the plants in Wal*Mart and I saw they were marking down the big potted tomato plants from $10 to $4.98.  I purchased two plants.  My daughter laughed at me asking what I would do with two tomato plants.  I told her I would just look out my back door at them and imagine I was looking at my garden back home.  Even if I don’t get one tomato from these plants I will consider it money well spent.

garden 12-jul-2004 02

A picture of our garden back home.

Have any of you seen the nursing ads from Johnson & Johnson?  The one where the male nurse is giving a young girl her chemo shot and singing a banana song with her while he is doing it just tears me up.  In fact all of those ads promoting a nursing career are very moving.  I met some wonderful nurses during Jim’s illness and sadly I met a couple that were not so wonderful.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Red heart  Beth


  1. Stopping by to say hello..what a great idea about the tomatoes. In my new place the critters would surely eat them all up quick, just no way to keep them safe or I would do the same thing.I miss the fresh ones too.Too hot to bake or cook much here now.. I am stricly going the cold route these days. : )

  2. Hope you have a bumper crop from those two plants. We're trying again this year, planted some cucumbers too.

  3. It is very dreary and rainy here today too. Sounds like you made it into a nice day though.

  4. Sounds like something I would do also is buy the plants. My garden is coming along but of course our growing season is so much shorter than yours. I hope you enjoy each leaf of your new plants.
    and now I want corn bread and badly.
    Have a wonderful night Beth
    Much Love
    and my rubarb is so big. Its wonderful

  5. We totally skipped gardening this year because of our trip abroad and I'm sad about that really. I hope your plants do well. I hear you about good and bad find a good nurse or doctor and it's worth its weight in gold. Blessings to you my friend.

  6. I hope you get more tomatoes then you can eat
    Take care

  7. Hi Beth hope your Tomatoes take off and you have a good crop. I grow mine in grow bags and put them against the wall so they will get plenty of sun, south facing. This year not so good though , what with the wet weather. Just will have to wait and see. Have a lovely weekend Hugs Sheila :)x

  8. It is a good idea to plant in the BIG pots.
    because Tomatoes need to a lots of waters:-)
    take care.

  9. Hi Beth...
    Just stopped by to say hello and wish you a fabulous day.

    Have you ever thought of having a barrel to catch the rain water? It'll be good for your plants on the days there is no rain.

    Take care eh...

  10. I can see Michiko is your blog-friend. Can you please help me and tell her I can not comment in her blog. Thank you!
    Have a nice week - Äppelblom

  11. Hi Beth, That is sad that you haven't got anyplace to put your tom plants. but wherever they are I hope they bear fruit., mine are just not fruiting at all yet, this cold wind is holding everything back., just the same as Sheila.
    I do love the little fairy you have on your garden.
    I'm not a great lover of veggie either, but what you had sounds tasty.
    Thanks for stopping by. Love Arlene Ruby and Tango XX

  12. By the way loved your new blog look, scrappin'g blogs are so clever, and that gorgeous cornflower header

  13. Thanks for your help!

  14. I agree with the fresh green beans. The canned ones are just mush not to mention the salt content.
    I remember my mom making spaghetti sauce from tomatoes grown in our garden. I've never had better and I've had a lot of homemade sauce.
    Ciao my friend.

  15. Hi Beth,
    Thank you for help for my friend Appelblom/Sweden.
    It seems I still has problems in my comment section.
    Have a nice day.

  16. The header Cornflower flower is beautiful,
    I never know until today...I thought was cornflower's color is yellow:-)
    Take care.

  17. I have a garden and it brings me so much joy. I hope you get some tomatoes from your plants...wouldn't that be just great??!! Blessings, Joanne

  18. I love most vegetables, but not much into gardening. Carole's plant is awesome. I can see the BLT's now.


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