It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quite a weekend…

but I survived it.  We had quite a thunderstorm and hail storm Saturday afternoon.  No major damage except to my tomato plants.  The hail was about nickel to quarter sized and it decimated the tomato plants.


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I will leave the tomato plants another day or two and see if they revive any.  If they don’t I will salvage what green ones I can.  I still have a couple tomatoes from my SIL’s brother and the word is out that I will take all I can get.  I had a bacon tomato for lunch yesterday.  (Sunday)  Delicious!

Sunday was a peaceful quiet day and I didn’t do much as my back has decided to keep hurting.  I have hunted out the pain pills from my last trip to the doctor for my backache and I have taken a couple.

I am not sure what I have planned today.  I should clean the bathroom, a job I hate that requires a lot of bending over, so we shall see.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week.  Stay safe and be happy!!

Red heart  Beth


  1. Oh No! You has the thunderstorm and hail storm
    that you are lucky to make damage your cars...
    It okay for just your tomato plants though it nearly toward end of season?
    Your back still hurts that is no good news Beth.
    I take one Mobic 15mg Anti-inflammatory for only play golf times.
    Why not skipped cleaning the bath room though it not really dirty yet?
    Please take care your back Beth.

  2. Sorry I meant NOT make damage your car.

  3. Beth I am sorry to hear that your back is bothering you. I hope and pray you soon have some relief, and pain free. Maybe the bathroom can wait a day or two to give your back a rest. I am sure you will do what is best for you.

    I hope your tomatoes plants revive and you can enjoy a fresh new crop in the near future. It is nice the you can always get a fresh supply from your SIL.
    Well Beth I hope this day is good and kind to you, as well as your week ahead.
    xoxo Dianne :)

  4. By the way, Your Blog looks great, BUT then again it always looks great. Nice touch! :)

  5. Others in our area had a hailstorm so bad that it destroyed their whole crop for the year.,0,6033977.story

    By the way, I really like your blog design.

  6. I hate that your tomato plants were attacked. That was big hail. I hope your car survived. Sorry about your back and maybe the BR can wait.

  7. Oh goodness my darling! Hail and a backache :(. I hope it is feeling better today and the tomato plants come back to life!

  8. Sure hate that your back is still bothering you. Hope the pills help. Darn storm. Maybe the plants will make it. Rained hard here Sat. too, but no hail.

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  10. Got any pain pills left?...I'm am joining you in the back rained cats and dogs here night before last and our basement flooded a bit...I spent all day trying to salvage our carpet! It is a MESS! I hope you feel better soon!
    Blessings, Joanne

  11. Ah! Tell me it isn't so! We lost everything but our Pansies in the storm last year that came with golf ball hail so I can surely sympathize with you. I hope you're able to salvage some of your plants.

  12. Oh I sure hope the tomatoes survive. xoxox

  13. Plants seem to have the ability to recover even when it doesn't seem possible, I hope they go on to produce a crop for you.

  14. Hi Beth,

    Backs are a real problem, mine is painful tonight too, doesn't like too much standing around and I have done quite a lot of that today, out with the kids at the shops. The rain sounds awful, hope the rest of the week is good for you.

    Hugs Nita.

  15. The rain has moved in on us and, as usual, i'm paying for it. Back has been giving me fits all weekend. Today we only hit 73 and I'm wondering if we;ll need to close the windows before going to bed. Nah, I'll leave 'em open. That way Buddy won't get yelled at for climbing on the bed and squirming up next to Frankie....he'll just be trying to keep her warm:-)

  16. Darn storm! You've waited so long, and it's just not right for them to not be eaten and enjoyed by the grower! Hope they survive.

  17. Blessings.....
    poor T plants. perhaps they may rise again? I have to confess to loving thunderstorms maybe its because where we were situated in the caribbean it was in a nook of haven where one can witness mother nature do her thing.

    Glad you are ok.
    take care and thanks for stopping by as always.

  18. We have had hail also. Some things dont come back as you know. I hope your tomato plant arent too bad. What a year. Feel better soon

  19. hi Sorry to hear about your backache I know just what you mean. Oh and your tomatoes that's a shame , the weather has been unkind to many a plant here in my garden to. I am having trouble getting onto Blogspot so I have not forgotten you. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e


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