It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A blast from the past…

but first I will remind you that it is 61 days till Spring.  It kind of does my heart good to see the Northwest being hit with a lot of snow.  I feel a little bit bad saying that, but what the heck, I like to share the wealth and if I think it will make others happy, why they can have all of the snow that we usually get.  It is snowing here right now and the temp is 16 degrees.

I have laundry in the washer and dryer so my day is moving along at a pretty good pace.

One of my newer blogging friends,, had a very good post this morning titled Jocko.  (about a stuffed toy her brother won at a carnival many years ago)  This brought back memories of carnivals and when I was young.  I had 4 sisters, the two older sisters being much older than the rest of us girls.  That left Ebby, Rae and me (or is it I?).  We grew up in a small town in Western Illinois.  Our family was poor as there were 8 of us kids, 5 girls and 3 brothers.  The carnival came to this small town 2 or 3 times each summer.  I think they knew a bunch of suckers when they saw them, that is why they kept coming back.  The carnival lot was about 3 or 4 blocks from where we lived.  Ebby, Rae and I would tell mom we were going for a walk and then we would go to the carnival and slip under the fence to get on the grounds without paying an admission fee which was charged at the gate.  This was nighttime and I shudder to think of kids our age being out alone at night in this day.  Rae and I did fine slipping under the fence but our sis Ebby who was 3 years older than I (or is it me?) hurt her knee and she had pain with it until the day she died. 

Anyway, once inside the carnival grounds we we would stand enthralled by the hawkers selling the bottles of stuff that was touted to cure everything.  I know now that it was probably 50% alcohol and that it why the customers kept coming back.  It sold for $1 a bottle which was a very steep price in those days.  My dad was not a customer as he was very much against alcohol use in any form.  I don’t recall seeing him ever go to the carnival.  If I am wrong I feel sure that Rae will correct me as she has a better memory than I do.  LOL  Remember that I told you all in a previous blog that I have a selective memory which comes in handy at times and at other times is just a pain in the wazoo.

Well, we three girls had lots of adventures when we were young and we lived to tell the tale.

If anyone reading this doesn’t have any snow, I wish you had mine.  Stay safe and be happy!!



  1. We're not having any snow yet, and it's all of 33 degrees out there. But the sky does look a little ominous and it is in the forecast for today/tonight, I think.

    Love the story about the carnival.

    Hope you are having a great day, Miss...lottsa love to you!!

  2. Not looking forward to the coming snow either. I remember seeing those monkeys at fairs etc. Jack still has a little lamb he had as a child. What a neat story. What children
    could do to see things back then that they wouldn't dare now.

  3. It's 61 degrees here at 10:23 in the morning with clear blue skies. You may be envious now, but just wait til will be glad you live there and not here. We will be sweltering in the humidity!

    I'm so glad Jocko brought a pleasant memory to mind for you. I also have a selective memory and my kids correct me often. I like my version of my life better than theirs. lol I'm so sorry about your sister's knee. We all too well know about injuries caused from stunts done while still under the influence of youthful horomones!!

    We could never sneak into our carnival, but I've heard stories of my dad and his friends sneaking a trunk load of kids into the drive in movie. lol I guess the owners were bound to know that went on, but we were still a small town then, so he probably didn't care as long as SOMEONE paid. lol

    You have a wonderful WARM day!!!

  4. I enjoyed the memory from childhood and I think we all have selective memories, comes in handy I'd like some of that snow, missed our white Christmas from 2010, my very first one, as I recall. lol I may be wrong on that. lol
    I can't comment on Terry's blog.

  5. I LOVE those memories and for could fill the blog till Kingdom come with them..LOVE reading them. xoxox

  6. You are glad we are having the worst storm in history? lol
    Don't you realize it's coming to you? Read my facebook comment, friend. (smiling) I enjoyed your blog about your childhood memory.

    Two of my sons say they will be over Saturday to try to fix my dead computer. I'm on my husband's now. Bertieblue

    Take care and stay warm.

  7. hi beth, nice blog.
    I noticed some daffodils about to start blooming in my yard when I went for my walk today. Was in the 60's again today & sunny, just beautiful... Yes I remember the Carnivals coming to our town when I was a child.
    Carnivals were a "Big Thing" back then. How times have changed.
    Love you beth, have a great Friday & weekend hun... hugs

  8. Every once in a while a carnival would come to town but it was mostly the circus. For that we had to go into town which wasn't that bad because it was only 5 miles away. I went a few times in my youth but when I went in my 20's I have to say I was bored except for the big cats. We had an inch of snow yeter day. We ahd flurries today while the sun was shinning and might get several inches between now and Sunday. Still waiting for the big one though. It's bound to happen.

  9. I see how you are happy that I have the snow ... lol. I so can't wait for this to go away and the rain will come down!

    I use to love the carnivals, they just are not the same as it was when I was younger. Now it's just a money pit.

    Hope it warms up for you and me soon! :)

  10. Hi Beth, maybe I changed my mind about the snow now. Is it OK if I truck some of that stuff over to your town, and give you the ice too? See my post today for why. I hope you have a nice day tomorrow!

  11. I do wish we had your snow!
    I believe everybody has a selective memory and selective memory loss. They've proved that ten people watching an accident will all have a different recollection right afterwards and none of them will remember all the correct details. Add many years to that memory and it's a wonder we remember anything "correctly"--LOL! So, don't feel badly. ;)
    Fun carnival memories. Except for your sister getting hurt.
    Stay warm!! :)

  12. Beth, I giggled all through your post. LOL As a homeschool mom (with an actual degree in elementary ed), if the "I's" and "me's" confuse you, all you have to do is remove your sisters' names to figure out the correct usage.

    For example: That left Ebby, Rae, and me. If you took out the girls' names, you'd have "That left me." Which is correct! :)

    There's your English lesson for today. Did you like being homeschooled? *grin* We don't have any snow. I'm sure the boys would love some, but I'd rather not have any at the moment. Jackson has had snow for his birthday (Feb. 1st) for quite a few years in a row. That day will be here soon!

    1. Thank you for the home schooling lesson Andrea. I will remember that for always. LOL

  13. I have some really good fair memories and our kids love the fair. My daughter's birthday is in August when the fair comes to town so we often spend at least one day over there. I have to say you're sure right though...I wouldn't want my kids there alone. We have a big zero degrees and a foot of snow to deal with today. I will enlist my son to help once he's done with school.

  14. Oh Beth,

    Please don't wish snow on me. Have enough to cope with without snow.

    Hope yours disappears soon, but please don't send it here.

    Hugs Nita.

  15. Well, Beth, I do wish we had your snow, so there! We got a wimpy two inches, which was gone in practically the blink of an eye, well, a few hours anyway.
    I am not sure if I have a selective memory, or just a pitiful one. I can't remember much of anything, which sometimes is good, sometimes not so great!
    I don't think we had any carnivals like you remember. We did have a fair, and that was fun, but way too far away for me to get to without parental help!
    Stay warm and keep counting down for spring!


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