It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Saturday, January 21, 2012


and good morning from the heart of Illinois.  It is the day after the storm that mostly passed us by (Thank you God!)  It is 19 degrees here right now and the new snow on the ground only amounts to about 1 inch.   My son in the Chicago area wasn’t as lucky though as they got several inches.

I do need to go out in a bit and start the car as it hasn’t been started for a couple of days.  I am not planning on going anywhere today though.

You know, I have been thinking after my post a few days ago about rules to live by, and how very important a smile is.  It can brighten someone’s day and it sure is a lot easier on your face than a frown.  I spent many years working with the public, my last years working with the military at an AFB.  In my last position at the AFB I dealt mostly with officers.  Most of them were very nice although I can remember two in particular that were real horse’s patooties.

patootie (plural patooties)

  1. (chiefly US, slang) The buttocks.

These two were really difficult to work for although they each were responsible for me getting high commendation letters from HQTRS ATC in Texas.  So the best thing to do in respect to them was just to grin and bear it and get on with the job.  I was the only civilian in this particular office and the work I did was not shared with the others in the office because they were enlisted personnel.  But getting back to the smile; I dealt with quite a few satellites connected to our base.  There was one colonel I dealt with at an arsenal here in IL that often told me I sounded liked I had a smile in my voice.  I have never forgotten that, or that gentleman.  I suspect by this time that he is long gone, perhaps one of my guardian angels.  Winking smile  Heaven knows I need all of them I can get.

Enough nostalgia for today.  I hope you all have a peaceful weekend.  Do try to stay safe and be happy!!


OOPPS!!  I almost forgot to mention that Spring Countdown stands at 59 days.


  1. We're in the fifties now? I can almost smell the warmer weather heading our way! Well, that may be pushing it but you know what I mean! We had near a foot of snow but we now have days in the forties or there about...I expect that may make quite a mess around here but I'm not sad to see it come here again! Have a great day!

  2. I think a smile is very important, I never really take to people who are always complaining about things. Everyone has an off day and I am willing to listen but some people just seem to complain for the sake of it when really they have not a lot to complain about.

  3. What's that saying I remember? Smile and the world smiles with you; frown and you frown alone. Maybe, actually, I think frowns bring everyone around you down a notch or two!

    Yea! 59 days and counting down! I love it!

  4. A smile travels farther than a frown for sure. We are cold here but should warm up tomorrow. You really had to deal with the fellows in your work place. A smile in your voice? It must be true as you have a smile in your writing too! Keep warm.

  5. Smiles, both giving and receiving, make you feel good all over.

  6. Where I work, we are told to smile when we answer the phone because it carries over in our voice. That has to be true! And you never know about the mom (age 77) is dating an ex-army colonel that is 93 years old. Can you imagine??? He takes her out to eat almost everyday and just bought a brand new pick up! He tells her stories about the war all the time!

    1. I love that. I never did meet this colonel in person and at the time he would have been at least 60 and we are talking about over 40 years ago. LOL After hearing about your mom I feel there is hope for me yet.

  7. Patootie. One of my favorite words. I also like "kiester", as in "pain in the kiester", which would mean the same as "patootie". LOL

    I'm all about smiles too. They are so much more fun than frowns! :)

  8. Keep smiling and counting the days!

  9. Hi Beth

    Keep smiling and have a good Sunday and week to follow.

    Hugs Nita

  10. I could read any nostalgia and memories forever. They are always completely interesting. I love reading them. Well, mommy does. xox

  11. blessings dear Beth:
    I am glad the storm passed you by. have a blessed and joyous Sunday.

    hopefully this comment sticks, because at times i am not able to view if it has or not.

    take care and thank you for always stopping by, i appreciate it very much.

  12. Getting closer - 59! Thanks for the update.

  13. You can bet your sweet patootie that a smile is better than a frown--LOL! What a great compliment to you that you had a smile in your voice!!! Sweet!! Hope you are having a great weekend, Beth. :)

  14. We got all ice and no snow down here. It was a nasty one...but today, before sunset, it had all melted off and things thawed out some and I got the whole day off!!!

    It couldn't BE better than that.

    I too, worked with the public for years and learned to always act as if I were happy or in a good mood. It turned out to be good practice for dealing with life. I think that if I can be happy, I can make things/others be happy. It's all about the energy, babe!

    Loved this post!!

    59 days--woohoo!!!!

  15. A smile in your Voice how Lovely what a smashing compliment. There aren't too many smiley faces around at the moment sad to say.
    Nice day here cloudy a breeze and not too cold. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx


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