It's that time of the year....

It's that time of the year....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday was…

what I would call a nerve wracking  day.  Especially since I am still not getting much rest because of the ‘thing.’  I did find out some interesting news while I was waiting at the dealership.  A couple had brought in their 2010 Buick Lucerne with less than 15,000 miles on it.  they had purchased it new so it was still under warranty.  I am probably not saying this right but something about the driver shaft coming loose.  So loose the repairman told them it was not safe to drive and they were being furnished with a rental car till they could get the needed part from Chicago.  The couple went on to tell us that the 2011 Lucerne was plagued with troubles too.  Last year I had really considered buying a new Buick Lucerne.  Not anymore.


2011 Buick Lucerne

We had a pretty good thunderstorm right after I went to bed last night.  This morning it is warmer at 57 degrees and the sun is shining.

I have a lot to accomplish today so goodbye for now.  Do stay safe and be happy!!



  1. Hi Beth

    Do hope and pray you will soon be able to sleep restfully through the night.

    Hugs Nita

  2. Wow, that's not just a little problem with that car is it? Yikes! We have the warmer weather visiting us again but I see a cool down coming on Sunday...I'm very weary with that and sure wish it would make up it's mind out there. Nights in the 30's at this point seems pretty silly. Have a good day my friend.

  3. Wondering what you can do, to get needed rest, while wearing "The Thing"???

    It's supposed to be good for you, yes?

    Is this, being good for you?

    Who told you, you had to have one, and wrote the Rx? What does he say? Now?

    No of course, I don't expect answers to all my questions. It's just that quality-of-life can't be good, be not getting needed rest. -sigh- -sigh- -sigh-

    If *they* said you needed "it," what can *they* do, to give you better quality of life, with "it"?

    "If we had no faults of our own,
    we would not take so much pleasure
    in noticing those of others."

    ~Francois de la Rochefoucauld

  4. Man, I wish and hope to goodness that the machine can be adjusted so you can get a decent nights' sleep! What an awful thing to have to keep going thru.

  5. Sounds like the Buick is having problems. It's good to be informed. I hope the thing will let you sleep tonight. Hugs.

  6. My first thought when I saw the title of your post was to fill it in with "plain awful". Yesterday was plain awful... you can say that again! (I'm an Annie fan!)

    Hope you get used to that THING soon, so you can get some decent rest!

  7. If you are considering another car get yourself a Consumer Report Auto issue. It breaksdown all the cars new and used. There are some good cars out there to be had.
    Loose driveshafts. Not good!

  8. Hope The THing lets you sleep pretty soon. Maybe you need something to help you sleep until you get used to wearing it - like TylenolPM or some other aid.

  9. Take care and have a better tomorrow. Beach Gal Bertie

  10. Gas, maintenance, insurance, repairs. Oh! The joys of owning a car. What does a car bring us? Freedom, save time getting to places, more choices. This is why we own one. But damn... as much joy they bring us as far as convenience... they bring us headaches when they break down. :(

  11. I sure do hope that you start getting the rest that you need. In the mean time, you can always think of it as sleep deprivation is fun... you see such pretty colors. Bwahahaha!


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